Tuesday, January 2, 2007

lessons learned

I'm sending a new post after a long time i guess.
Well there are things which should be kept as secret for public until everything is finished.
This journey is getting closer to its end and I'm gonna start a new one, well i learned a lot of things here. A new thing which i came to know it a few days ego and confirmed it with my friends speeches is that may be we don't know people around us. People are not as they show themselves to us. There is so much of complexity in human nature which I'm realizing. Sometimes trust is a must, and sometimes the opposite.

I learned to take life easier than it looks like. It will become easier if you want to. Its just a matter of your will. I used to doubt everything and everyone. But if thats the case, you can't carry on with your life. Take everything easy and what is supposed to happen will happen. This isn't against the believe that "We can make our lives as we want". What you want is what it is meant for you. Got my point? I mean, plan everything, but don't be strict to your plan. It may not always work because we can not predict anything.

OK, Thats enough of lecturing. Read it and send your comments

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