Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Smart Infection

Exams over, holidays started last week. 6 days are past and they seem to be so lengthy in a sense that I've been finding out so many things these days. Too much of head scratching and mouth wide open keeping things happened. Details of the issues are not appropriate for under age!

The thing about writing blogs and publishing on net keeps my mind in busy mode. Cause there are so many things to say but there might be a few curious eyes and sniffing noses around. But the need of expression and being famusized, makes me post these blogs no the World Wide Web for the public view, keep telling my self no freaking one can interfere in my life. So listen...:)

Testing session finished, transporting medium was borrowed for a few hours to get the feeds. Not normal ones, feeds are kind of viruses or lets say malwares programed to infect the victim and paralyze the processor for a few hours depending on the dose and number of effective lines in the virus source code. The programs usually used have more than 40% effective lines. The processor is equipped with a certain intelligence that makes it self get used to viruses so that to stay unaffected on weakly coded viruses.

In this reality experiment there were a few more systems fed with the virus. One of the systems was in sleep mode. The others were networked in pairs. Another system was not in the network but had so many networking programs downloaded from the central network which all the other systems are directly connected to it with an advanced Wi-Fi technology that hasn't been introduced to the market yet.

The feeds were imported and fed to the processor with a special technique of "Self Termination". Usually intelligent organs and systems do not self terminate. The effect was observed within an hour time.

The dose was able to paralyze the processor and disconnect the memory from the system half an hour after the processor was affected(this wasn't suppose to happen)

The system which wasn't networked started sending acknowledge signals to its other counterparts, before the memory was disconnected from the operating unit. This was due to the infected processor. One of the paired systems started sending response signals with "On Air" technology, it disconnected itself from the other system and tried to connect to the alone one. The attempt was unsuccessful. The project experienced its first failure.

The system which wasn't networked didn't stop sending signals. This is the nature of intelligent processors with "SS"(SuperSmart) technology. It made another attempt. Sent signals to other networked computer. The other system sent responses. Smart system sent "Shake Hand" acknowledge signals. "shake hand" response was sent from the other computer. The affected system successfully disconnected itself form its pair and was also successfully connected to the Smart system. The memory unit was heavily affected by the virus and the merged virus from the other system. The merging of viruses form both newly connected, caused the Memory Unit to be detached from the Smart and the Victim.

Systems were connected for 45 minutes, maximum, with a mass data transformation using an advanced Peer-To-Peer technology on the speeds never experienced before.

After 45 minutes both systems experienced noise signals from the other affected systems. Data Overflow occurred. The systems were disconnected! This was not a failure. A success in fact.

The Smart system was heavily affected with the feed. The main operating system was experiencing hardware malfunction. The processor was 98% affected. The efficiency dropped down to 3%. The system faced a fatal error. System went to sudden hibernation, without taking back-up from the previous data. Though the fundamental data stayed intact. System vanished.

The Smart system was in hibernation for 3 hours. Other systems were still functional. After 3 hours, The processor recovered itself from the heavy dose and used the back-up data to restore its previous condition. Memory unit retrieved the data from the other systems to analyze the situation. Data recovered. Smart system was 88% functional...

It took 22 hours for the Smart system to recover the data and become 99.99% functional.

The project "Smart" is still in its testing and Beta level and is being evaluated by the Smart system itself...

Your feedbacks on this project and this blog post are most welcomed...

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