Saturday, June 2, 2007

About Internet Security

Well. I'm gonna come up with my own ideas about different Internet Security softwares available in the market.

Here I'm gonna compare ZoneAlarm, Kaspersky, NOD32, BitDefender and AVG

If you are a kind of person who concerns about your computer's security, and you are an average user, this blog has easy-to-get information. You also might have come across different web sites which write reviews about the softwares. I used to trust those, I still do. The fact is those websites are sponsored by the developers of the hosted programs so to survive, they have to be careful.

Anyway, Lets start our comparison.

ZoneAlarm Intenet Security 2007:

ZoneLabs have come up with its best ever Internet Security software in 2007. I'm using it right now in my computer. Its so handy and has easy to configure interface. It is complete. It has taken into consideration all the ways your system could be attacked and has all the solutions to defend your computer.

Kaspersky Internet Security Suite 2007:

Its has a powerful Anti-virus engine which is updated each hour. That was the only thing I liked about Kaspersky. There are so many draw backs. It eventually slows down the Internet speed, because it checks each ant every Bit coming in or going out of your system, specially for the encrypted pages. It has so many problems with Ads as well. It blocks all unwanted and Wanted ads. Sometimes you need to see a clip or Ad, you have to disable the whole Ad-Blocking protection. If you are not lazy to add each website you wisit and want the Ads to be visited, then do it. No offense. I couldn't load Hotmail even by disabling the Ad-Blocking and adding Hotmail website to the Allowed list. I had to Close the Kaspersky!


Best Anti virus I have ever had. So effing light on resources and accurate in deed. Do i need to say more?


My advice to you is, try the trial version of it. If it worked, then buy the full version. It has hardware compatibility issues and doesn't work with all the hardware configurations. Its accurate but a bit heavy on resources. The accuracy of this Defender is outstanding.


I just never had a right feeling about this anti virus. Once i downloaded a Trojan to my desktop to test AVG, It showed nothing. Another time, It found a Trojan in my computer and it couldn't delete it. It kept popping-up a dialog box saying the virus can not be deleted or quarantined!! So annoying. Its easy on resources because it does nothing :D

That was all my personal experience. There are other software such as Norton 360 and McAfee. I'm still testing them. I'll write about them soon.

Good day

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