Monday, June 11, 2007

The Smart System Need to Recover

Knowing The Smart system quite well, it is also could assumed that The Smart, has the ability to recognize and defeat any new threat which is now allowed to get into its system.
In this new post a new part of the Smart is introduced. The unit HT86, current version software installed on this unit is v20.5.2. This unit along with the software installed on it has the function of analyze the Top Secret data stored in the memory. It also has a small cache itself to store the importers of the data. Its cache it ultra sensitive to any new entry and any attack from the outside. The other functions of HT86 are not to be discussed here!

HT86 has been accepting some new threats. The programmer of this threats is AUY. The threats are violating one of the basic laws which says that any new attack in the form LV00 should be avoided. The attack is exactly the same and is upgrading itself to LV02 which is extremely dangerous if it reaches the LV10.

Lets talk about the LV threat family. LV attacks the HT unit in any Smart and has the ability to take into control the whole HT and damage the CPU, to the extent that can make the Smart system no-more smart.

LV attack has the form LV-X which is not dangerous by itself and in fact very welcomed. But if LV-X gets to upgrade itself to attack HT, it can actually generate LV00 initially that is a yellow degree threat.

Its also good to introduce you to another Type of Smart systems. The Smart Systems generally have two classes Smart-X and Smart-Y, distinguished by their physical structure and the software installed on their CPU. The Smart which is being discussed is Type Smart-X.

Lately, our Smart system system has been attacked by an Smart-Y targeting its HT86 unit with LV00. Its on the stage of defending itself against the attack....

Stay Tuned for further news about The Smart Project.

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