Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Walking In The Rainy Night

How does it feel when you see yourself walking in the middle of two couples in the rain? When you and your world are alone. When you can't think of any thing else other than you, your faith, your future, your luck?!

Its you, and the rain, the trees and the earth. You try to think of something else. something other than loneliness...What about The Equivalent Principal? Do you really think two things with two different masses reach the ground at the same time? What about me and my friends? We are same! So whats Galileo's answer to this question? Or I have to ask Sir Isaac Newton? I think Einstein would give me a better dramatic answer!

So you try to observe the rain the rain drops falling one after each other. They try to reach the earth. Then they just tear into smaller drops when they collide the ground. Look at the trees, how lucky they feel they are, under the rain, taking free shower blessed by the sky's sadness.

You go to a bar, somewhere near the nowhere land of Islamic Vegas. People asking about your mood and you just stay silent. Not knowing what you have to tell them? What about telling them you are thinking how to write a Blog about today? But no, I have to tell in the way that no one gets to know whats going on inside me! So lets tell them you are thinking how to design your new web site. Yea, that sounds great and professional. So lets lie to the crowd. Lets hide everything from everyone. How long you are gonna hide your feelings? How long you want to lie to yourself? You wanna die with your dead feelings?

There is something, humans call it pride! Its totally dangerous for them, for their relations. But sometimes they have that poison in their blood. A poison which has no cure other than the humans themselves. So I don't know how long i have to resist it. Its gonna contaminate my whole body in a very soon future. I'm fighting with it actually but it seems to be taking over more day after day and finally it will kill the said-to-be Love in my heart. I haven't seen my love or a long time now. hoping for a help. Or maybe I myself don't wanna accept helps! They are so many around me but my logic simply doesn't let them in. So do I have to fight with my logic?
I don't know what to do. you have to understand. And when the night falls down to me, i on't think I can make it through!

To be continued till I'm alive....