Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The new supercomputer fuel, Beer !

It is 5:26am Malaysian time right now. I'm going to blog a note which some may consider a blog, a voice that comes from the bottom of my heart (I believe my last sentence was too emotional!)

After drinking 2.5 cans of dutch beer, n discussing my topic of interest with my friends, I just figured out [or i confirmed] that our nation (Iranians) are not as stupid and traditional as I thought before. Even though with my talks with my other group of atheist friends, we some how assumed 98% of the population [of Iranians] as twats, it turns out that I (we) might be wrong! [see comments]

There were ideas about the origin of universe, the religion and how bullshit it is, science and how it might eat up all of us (human beings) with its advancements and etc, which was continuously debated and argued among us.

Yeah. I might have to obtain my PhD degree while I'm drunk. The sparkling ideas turn out to struck my mind only (well 50% of the times) when I'm drunk! It's always been like this... as the readers of this blog might be already aware of. A good friend once said: "If you (me) and Mohammad (Mani) keep on talking, we will some how come up with the unified law of physics and the origin of universe !"

Anyway, our discussion with my friends was all about the humans, the religion, stupidity, technology, science and the consequences of scientification! We might survive, or we might all die (credit to Terminator and dozens of other Hollywood creations) or maybe nature kills us.

The main thing I'm going to point out here is that, I figured out, when drunk, we live a more happy happy life that we do in our sober time. We can concentrate more on our ideas and defend them with a little more strength.

While drunk with only a 2.5 cans of beer which you really can not call it being drunk, I could concentrate more on what I thought and what I did, I could think better, more logic and more reasonable.

There were so many things going on on my mind, my relationship, my future, my dad's business which I would otherwise ignored or at least would have thought of distinctively in time ! I wondered how I managed to handle so much processing and so much data simultaneously ! Perhaps this is the power of beer !

I'm Out!