Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thoughts on Apple!

This might seem more like personal view but I'm sure I somehow share the same view with other tech savvies. Apple has been acting so wild towards the other phone manufacturers lately. I'd like to remind you all what Steve Jobs said about Google software on Apple devices in D8:

"Just because we're competing with somebody doesn't mean we have to be rude"

Well, Steve, I think you kind of not really mean what you said. You played rude on Adobe Flash (plus your own customers who used to watch flash videos on your own mobile devices) and now you are defaming other competitors? You were rude towards Flash because you thought they do not comply with Open Standards, security and performance, etc. Adobe products are proprietary but same goes with Mac right? Who are you to decide what your customers have to use? its a complete dictatorship (for the people who don't know what they are buying. The ones who know and buy, might have accepted you as their dictator already) Mac is not even open enough to let the security vendors make software for it. There are tons of viruses on mac but people just don't know about it because they are not being informed, there is no security warning of any kind. And I think I know why Apple doesn't want security software on its systems. Because it will affect the performance and that’s what they are afraid of even if it costs the customers their privacy.

Apple was shocked when they saw their engineering genius antenna design failed. They released an update, making it look like a simple miscalculation issue. Its even worse if it is a simple miscalculation, then how could we possibly be sure that they got the whole Mac OS right?! but anyway, If the problem on other phones was serious, people would have noticed them already. Apple's last attempt was attacking the new Motorola Droid X:

As you can see, this person have to hold the phone so tight to get the signal drop. I'm wondering who will hold a phone so tight like that! and look at this:

This guy holds his iPhone 4 perfectly like any human being would and he gets a drop. nice work Apple, you even made a whole webpage (recently removed by Apple cowards. It now redirects to their signal testing facilities) on this. Yes if we don't want it, we don't buy it. thats what we'd do, we would tell the others about the consequences of going for an Apple product too. The fact is, we just cannot rely on Apple anymore, yes technology changes and sometimes changes aren't so good, we can never fully trust technology but how about Steve Jobs as a human? Can we count on his words? The fact is while he was advertising for the device he stressed on the antenna and the flawless design, but after 2 weeks, "A cool engineering design" transforms into "We aren't perfect. Phones aren't perfect." (Youtube link) You go down fine, why take others down with you? But maybe you thought aren't going down because you are giving out an iPhone cover for free!!

I have had a chance to technically work with both Mac and Linux (Fedora and Ubuntu) lately. and guess what. from the technical stand. I'd go for Linux. It has all the same flaws as Mac does but, at least it gives me customization, free software, etc. i have to say this here for the people who don't know me, I am a big Microsoft Windows fan and I'd always be (I don't think Microsoft would screw up in my lifespan) I just made a comparison between Mac and Linux.

I don't think they'll get away with it. They will lose their fans, and for sure will lose their fans-to-be. I am pretty sure there are many others who were considering buying iPhone but after seeing Apple trying to cover their flaws with ruthless attacks on other competitors, they might reconsider. Apple never dared to make "PC vs Mac" ads anymore since the release of Windows 7. Microsoft struck back with its technology (not defaming a single competitor). Sooner or later one of these phone manufacturers will strike back too.