Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Days at work and sleepless nights

Let me begin by letting you know that this is my very first blog from my Nokia (wow, it just predicted that I was about to type 'Nokia') Lumia 920. I am already so impressed by it that I am trying to do all the work that I can do without turning on my desktop by this little powerful machine.
The past 1.5 years at Noxel had been really wonderful and hectic at the same time. The past three weeks however I had been working my ass off up to the limits. Sleepless nights programming and designing and planning. Been handling my department, which handles two of our most ambitious projects. Apart from that I have been working under direct supervision of my manager to propose the complete next generation network package to one of our big clients, a 4 block 14 story automated hotel. There are side projects beside all the big things we are doing too. About three 2,3 story houses, partially automated. Well that's too much boring stuff for you to read.
Have you ever noticed when you are too sleepy at work or while watching a movie but get extra energy out of nowhere? When I started to write the blog, I was sleepy as hell, but now I just cant stop shouting out my 'brain fart'. Its 12am and I have only slept five hours in the past 72 hours. So I better go now.

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